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The Yell Band™ is a sound projection cone or megaphone that fans can wear on their arm to identify with and support their team. Fans wear it and take it off to yell and cheer their favorite team on. Every fan knows that their favorite team needs vocal support to win the game. When fans “bring the noise”, it hypes their team up and makes the opposing team’s job a lot harder. See Size

Sponsors, help your favorite sports teams win and advertise at the same time! Buy Yell Bands™ with your message on them and pass them out! Teams, Companies, School Alumni, Sports Radio Stations, Sport Bars, Area Restaurants, College Organizations.…be seen as helping the team win in March Madness, Playoffs and Bowl Games. Give fans the cheering edge over rivals!

It works for fans of Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, many other spectator sports!
The split up the side allows the Yell Band™ to open and snap shut around the fans arm for easy carrying and quick, easy removal.
Want your favorite team to win the game?
Give every fan a Yell Band™

Everyone has heard of home-field and home-court advantage. Much of that advantage comes from the vocal support of the home crowd. The Yell Band™ lets fans get loud without having to hold on to the megaphone during the times they are walking around the stadium, eating, drinking and interacting with friends. It just clips on to your arm and you pull it off when it is time to get fanatical for your team.A great promotional product.

Benefits To Sports Fans
Allows fans to identify themselves as supporters of the team of their choice.
Allows fans to support their team verbally more efficiently during crucial
times of the game such as but not limited to 4th and goal situations.
Allows users to easily carry and store the product away when participating
in other aspects of the in stadium experience; such as entering and leaving
the stadium, eating and drinking concession and interacting with friends.
Basically, it isn’t a hassle to have it with them. Fans just pull it free and use
it when their team needs its fans the most.
Allows fans to identify themselves as supporters of the team of their choice.
Popular Yell Band Slogans

Boom! Goal! Go Aztecs! Go Bearcats! Go Bears! Go Bengals! Go Bison! Go Blue Jays! Go Bobcats! Go Broncos! Go Bulldogs! Go Bulls! Go Cardinals! Go Chiefs! Go Chieftans! Go Cobras! Go Colts! Go Cougars! Go Cowboys! Go Coyotes! Go Dawgs! Go Deacons! Go Dogs! Go Dolphins! Go Dragons! Go Ducks! Go Eagles! Go Falcons! Go Frogs! Go Gamecocks! Go Gators! Go Golden Eagles! Go Hawks! Go Hornets! Go Huskies! Go Indians! Go Irish! Go Jaguars! Go Knights! Go Lightning! Go Lions! Go Long Horns! Go Lumberjacks! Go Mountaineers! Go Mustangs! Go Owls! Go Panthers! Go Pirates! Go Pumas! Go Raiders! Go Rams! Go Rattlers! Go Ravens! Go Razorbacks! Go Red Raiders! Go Rockets! Go Saints! Go Scarlet Knights! Go Seminoles! Go Sharks! Go Spartans! Go Spirit! Go Spurs! Go Steelers! Go Storm! Go Tech! Go Thunder! Go Tigers! Go Timberwolves! Go Titans! Go Trojans! Go Vikings! Go Warriors! Go Wildcats! Go Wolf Pack! Go Wolverines! Go Wolves!

Special Signage upon request. Send jpg file of special signage to
Minimum order amount: 75 units.
Number of Units
Price Each
After funding(1)
500 – 999 units
1000 units
5000 units
10,000 units
13 Basic Colors Available

Red, White, Blue, Green, Orange, Black, Crimson, Purple, Yellow, Gold, Gray, Pink, Maroon (Custom Color With Lead Time Adjustment What is your PMS Color Code?) For Reference NFL Colors?)

Contact us at:
Customize Them! Add Your Color, Your Slogan, Your Artwork To Yell Bands™. Take Home Field Advantage To The Next Level!
Single Game Basketball Stadium Saturation
25,000 – 79,999 units
Single Game Football Stadium Saturation          (NFL and College)
50,000+ units
(Pro Basketball Season Saturation)
25,000 units time X (41 games) = 1,025,000 units
(Football Season Saturation)
80,000+ units X (8 games) = 640,000 units
Turn Around Times
75 -100 - 500
5 – 10 days
12 days
30 days
35 days
45 days
5,000,000 to 10,000,000
87 days
Unfortunately, we don’t sell single units yet. Hold on. We will soon!

Companies with existing sports licenses that want to license Yell Bands can
contact us at

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Licensing Opportunities:

I would like to license the Yell Band™ product line to manufacturers with existing licenses for the professional sports leagues and teams. If you are a manufacturer with the official licenses and would like to license the Yell Band™, drop us a line: The Yell Band™ comes in several colors and is great for fans of pro teams High School Sports, PBR, Rugby, Bowling, Cricket, Boxing, Winter Sports, Gymnastics, Political Events, And Many More!

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